Amakunft Small Animals C&C Cage Tent, Breathable & Transparent Pet Playpen Pop Open Outdoor/Indoor Exercise Fence, Portable Yard Fence for Guinea Pig, Rabbits, Hamster, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs …



Brand: Amakunft

Color: Blue Waterproof


  • 【Transparent & Breathable】Surrounded by nets, you could watch your pets at all times, as well as ensure the ventilation of the playpen.
  • 【Automatic Opening】No need for complex splicing, built in frame, opened in seconds. Folds back flat when not in use for easy storing. When it is opened under spring pressure, it should be away from children and face.
  • 【Outdoor/ Indoor】The Pet Exercise Fence is easy to carry, and you don’t need to carry a huge cage when you take your pet out. It can limit the range of pet activities (It may not be suitable for pets with jumping, climbing and biting habits).
  • 【Size & Material】Width & Height after expansion 47 in*15 in (120 cm*38 cm), 10sq.ft; Durable polyester fabric, easy to clean.
  • 【Suitable For】Small animals pet playpen, suitable for hamsters, chinchillas, guinea-pigs, gerbils, ferrets, squirrel, bunny, reptile or other small animals.

Publisher: HL

Details: Item:Foldable & Breathable & Transparent Pet Playpen

Friendly Reminders:
1. The fence will unfold automatically. When opening, please keep away from children and face.
2. If your pet has the ability to jump, bite and climb, it may perform a “jailbreak” scenario. You can choose this product according to your pet’s actual situation, you can also put your pet’s toys or food bowl in it, let your pet get used to this playground, which will reduce their jailbreaking behavior.

Width & Height & Area (You can also refer to the picture)
3.9ft (1.2 m); 14.9 in (38 cm); 10sq.ft
The space is enough for small animals to play.

Wide Range of Applications: both indoor and outdoor can be used
Temporary residence:When you need to clean the cage, you can set up a temporary playground for your pet within 5 seconds.

How to clean:
1.Rinse and brush with water, then place in the sun and dry.
2.Because it has metal fittings inside, it is not suitable for machine washing.