Cat Furniture Indoor and Outdoor Kennel Mega Kit Cat Sleeper



Outdoor 2-Way Tunnel      Product: 64″L x 15″W x 15″Th

  • FRESH AIR FUN: Fully-enclosed tunnel and cubbies are made of nylon mesh – lets in the fresh air and offers a good view of your cats at play whether it’s indoors or out! And the mesh is durable too, to withstand energetic play and the occasional claw swipe.
  • HANDSOME TRIM: Teal trim makes a fun and modern contrast to the nylon mesh. In short, whether the piece goes on your patio or in your living room, it’s going to make a great-looking part of your home.
  • SECURE ZIP DOORS: The top and size of each cube have a zip door that’s great for arranging the cubes and tunnel however you like, as well as choosing the best access points for your cat that also work well for your home.
  • GREAT FOR MULTI-CAT HOMES: Have more than one cat at home? Perfect! These mesh playsets offer plenty of room for several of them to run, hide and chase. It’s a relatively small footprint in your home for all the energy it will help them burn.
  • ENDLESSLY EXPANDABLE: With a bit of imagination, you can make a complete cat fortress! Use tunnels to zip this piece together with other mesh playsets (or another Two-Way Tunnel) to make an endless number of ways to keep playtime fresh for your cat.