Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Top Opening, Suitable for Large Cat, High Jumbo Litter Box Privacy Cat Washroom Bench



Enclosure Weathered Grey      Item Dimensions LxWxH: 30.71 x 21.65 x 20.87 inches

  • BETTER LIFE: If you really don’t want an open and unsightly litter box on your main floor so this litter box enclosure is perfect! No more embarrassing odor or unsightly waste exposed. Enjoy charming decorative litter boxes that work in any room.
  • PET PRIVACY CARE: Cats are inherently hyper-vigilant. They need their own safe spot where they can have their privacy for potty time and feel safe in the process. You will see your cat swish their tail with joy for a better bathroom experience.
  • TOP OPENING DESIGN: Specially designed for people who are inconvenient to squat down to clean up cat litter. Greatly reduces the pressure on your lumbar spine and legs. You’ll never have to laboriously clean out cat litter again.
  • DURABLE & LARGE: Build with strong and durable pressed wood with a metal frame to provide a sturdy structure(Maximum support weight of the top is 185 lbs). Fits most size litter boxes – including extra-large automatic boxes, Breeze XL litter boxes, and other high jumbo litter boxes. If you have a large cat, our enclosure is perfect for it.
  • EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT: Give your cat and yourself the best enjoyment. You will not regret your decision.