Cooling Mat For Dogs, Medium Size – Pressure Activated Gel Dog Cooling Mat – Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer



Size: Medium Color: Blue

About this item

  • Cool and Comforting – Our Patented dog cooling pad cools your dog as soon as it lay on it. The pressure-activated, non-toxic, cooling gel formula is activated by your pet’s weight/heat and lasts for up to 3 hours
  • Easy to Use – This gel cooling pad is designed using a lightweight, portable, and puncture-resistant material that requires no electricity. No need to freeze or chill to maintain a cool surface
  • Convenient for Everyday Use – Our cool pads are perfect for use indoors, outdoors in the shade, and when you travel. Folds up for easy storage. Measures 19.5” X 15.7” X 0.75 Inches (50cm x 40cm)
  • Recharges Automatically – The pad automatically recharges itself after 15-20 minutes of non-use. Keep your pets cool this summer. Works for cats, and other pets.
  • Safe for Pets and the Environment – This non-toxic gel is safe for pets, adults, kids & the environment. This product is not meant for consumption, while the gel is non-toxic, we recommend taking your pet to the veterinarian if they were to ingest any gel.