FrontPet Orange Dog Car Seat, Pet Booster Seat 18 x 14 x 12 Inches with Shoulder Strap, Folds and Fits in Compact Carry Bag. Fits All Cars, Trucks and SUVs



  • MORE THAN A PET CAR SEAT: Its a small dog car carrier, a pet car seat, a puppy car seat, a pet bed, and a pet carrier all in one! If youre looking for a pet car seat to stop your pet from shedding all over your nice vehicle, look no further, your pet can happily sit in this pet booster seat during trips! This pet car carrier is perfect for transporting pets like dogs, cats, and any small pets youd like to make sure are traveling safely, comfortably, and happily in your car!
  • PUPPY CAR SEAT- Do you want your puppy to be happy and safe during your travels? Our dog car seat also works as a puppy car seat. The straps lock the seat into place and you may zip up the opening to keep your puppy safe in the puppy car seat. The mesh screens on the puppy car carrier will allow your puppy to see and breath without feeling claustrophobic. The padding will help your little passenger relax and stay comfortable on long trips in its puppy car carrier. The puppy car seat is also
  • COMFORTABLE AND SPACIOUS- The dog car seat is 18 x 14 x 12 and can fit in most seats. The dog car seat leaves plenty of room for other passengers and will keep your little pet as comfy as can be! The dual zip sides on the small dog car carrier allow you to unfold the pet car carrier for more room for your pet during any trip.
  • SAFE- This small dog car carrier comes with a leash clip allowing the pet booster seat to be worry free for your pet or pup and it can be secured to any car seat to keep your pet safe. The pet car seat comes with tough durable straps, nylon, and mesh design will keep your pet safe during any abrupt stops.
  • EXTRAS- Dual zip side on the small dog car carrier allow you to unfold the carrier for more room for your pet in the dog car seat during any trip. Pockets on both sides of this pet booster seat allow you to put treats, leashes and toys conveniently where they are needed!
  • Product description

    Hit The Road With Your Pet!
    We at FrontPet understand that your pet’s safety is the utmost priority when traveling in a vehicle. Considering the fact cars are not designed for pets to travel safely it is important you are utilizing the proper tools to ensure they will arrive safe and sound no matter where the road takes you! Our Dog Booster seat is designed with safety in mind. You will find the seatbelt strap loops, elevated suspension mechanism, integrated leash tether and mesh canopy all come together to deliver the safest ride for your pet all while traveling in comfort and style!

    FrontPet Car Booster Seat Features and Benefits:
    Attractive orange color
    Seat Belt loops and straps to secure to your car seats
    Built in leash tether to ensure you pet is safely fastened while in the booster seat
    Booster strap to elevate your pet while riding
    Shoulder strap for easy carrying and transportation
    Side zipper and velcro pockets for accessories and treats!
    Open top and front mesh windows for maximum viewing and ventilation
    Booster seat fully zips open to allow your pet to have full range while the vehicle is not moving

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