Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chew Toys for Teeth Wooden Natural Accessories Cage Bunnies Grinding Organic Sticks Set (7 Pack)



  • A-Wood Toy      Set(7Pcs)
  • Natural thicker wood-We are committed to high-quality rabbit toys, first-class quality with excellent craftsmanship. They are made of natural wood (China fir, Schima Superba), all dried at high temperature, hand-made, undyed, safe, and chewable for teeth grinding. We strictly select wood; you can see the real grains of wood and bark from the product and thicker and harder wood.
  • Apple sticks are a hit-Pure natural apple sticks toy with a sweet taste, rich in fruit acid, organic, no pesticides, and non-toxic. They are safe to chew and promote intestinal digestion and stomach health. Every guinea pig or rabbit loves chewing on bark, so the applewood sticks are the best part. Each package has sufficient weight, about 200 g / 0.44 lbs., these sticks could last you a month or two.
  • Help teeth growth-Rodent have no teeth roots, if they do not grind, the teeth will grow very long, even if they will pierce the upper and lower jaws and even inflame. Our 7pcs wooden toys are very suitable for teeth grinding and chewing, they are important to keep her teeth from overgrowing. The natural woody fragrance and interesting shape will attract rabbits to chew, instead of biting your furniture.
  • Bring a lot of fun-Rabbit get bored easily, and they need either lots of affection or toys to bring out their best personalities. These toys and accessories give your small rodent the perfect opportunity to play and work out, interesting roller and sporty barbell toys attract the attention of guinea pigs, they will get many hours of fun out of these well-constructed chew toys for the cage.
  • Packaged nicely-The set comes with a reusable nicely bag, it would make a cute gift for any hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, or chinchilla owner. Thicker natural wood and the chew toys all come packed in a heavy plastic zip bag, if you don’t give them all the toys at once and this allows you to easily store or replace them.