Pet Grooming Gloves Hair Remover Mitts for Gentle DE shedding, Bathing, and Massaging Cats, Dogs, Horses and Other Animals



    Medium         (Pack of 1 Pair)         Color: Blue

  •  Gently Groom, Shed, Bathe, & Massage Pets: Hands-On five-finger design, complete with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm, allows for a versatile expert tool capable of grooming, de-shedding, bathing, or massaging your animal. This pair of gloves gently removes excess hair, debris, and tangles while keeping your hands and fingernails clean from dirt and oil.
  •  Non-Abrasive, Flexible Rubber Nodules: Groom and shed your animal without hurting their skin Non-abrasive, flexible rubber nodules gently massage your pet and remove excess hair while distributing natural oils for healthy skin and coat.
  • Big or Small Pets / Long or Short Hair: Whether you are grooming a horse, chihuahua, or calico cat, rest assured that Hands-On has you covered. Our patented design works on all animals, big or small, long or short hair.
  •  Pets Love It: Make bathing, grooming, and cleaning an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet! Pets shouldn’t fear bath time and neither should you. This pair of grooming gloves make hard-to-reach places easy and quick to clean. Wet or dry, these gloves will not slip or fall off thanks to the hook and loop fastener.
  •  Easy To Clean: Simply rub your gloved hands together, rinse off with water and air dry, or throw them in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning. These gloves are also compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, grooming caddy, or bag.