Cat Toys, Automatic Moving Ball Bundle Classic Mice Feather Kitten Toys in Pack Pet Smart Electric Teaser



  • ¬†pounce hunting irregular moving balls, make great daily fun.¬† Cat ball size is less than 2 inches.
  • Toy Automatic moving ball + classic mice cat toy + nature feather Kitten toys in the pack, Tie electric ball with plush mice or feather. Activated ball pull feather tail, mice irregular moving like real wildlife, Stir cat’s hunting instincts, making fabulously enjoyment.
  • Smart interactive ball Design in motion sensor detecting Cat interact with ball, Cat ball automatic rolling & moving and stop. Cats play with toys to wake up the ball moving. No more trouble you switch toys on-off again and again
  • USB rechargeable Upgrade to the rechargeable battery inside by USB charging cable as an accessory. No need to pay extra money to buy a battery.
  • The kitten could play ball with colorful LED in dark. All materials are safe for cats.