PETPLUS Cat Calming Collar for Cats | Purrfect to Reduce Your Pet’s Anxiety or Aggression | Pheromones for Cats & Cat Anxiety Relief | Cat Calming Products for Kittens | 2-Month Protection, 1 Collar



  • 🐈The purr-fect cat stress relief — Calming cats rob us of the quiet moments we should be spending with our furry friends. Whether it is caused by the heat or just a cat in heat, it’s not easy to find quality items that promote anti anxiety for cats. We need to find a way to keep our pet calm. A calm cat is a happy cat.
  • 🐈Safe and effective — All PetPlus cat calming products such as this calming collar or our cat calming spray (coming soon!) Are clinically proven safe and effective. Pheromone collar for cats is a proven relaxant that provides cat anxiety relief and eliminates aggression. It contains pheromones for cats that help keep your cat calm, all you will hear is a soft purr or a meow of appreciation. Even puppies wouldn’t mind having them!
  • 🐈One size fits all. It’s not easy to find a large cat collar. PetPlus provides the perfect sized calming collar for cats that fits any-sized cat. Our cat calming collar fits even a kitten 10 weeks and older, ensuring cat comfort even for delicate fussy cats. Here’s a calming collar cats would exchange for a sentry calming collar.
  • 🐈 Works fast and longer-lasting calming collar for cats. Stress relief for cats need not cost too much too often. Some cat care products and kitten supplies last only a short time. Calming spray for cats or any lavender spray may reduce cat aggression and make a cat calmer for a while but they quickly fade. Other branded calming cat collar quickly come off. But PetPlus Cat calming collar for cats has a lock that keeps the collar in place and is the only one that lasts up to 2 months.
  • 🐈Cat pheromone solution for any situation – Our cat pheromone collar is the perfect sentry to defend against anxiety, stress, and fear. It is a great alternative to ineffective diffuser or calming spray products that aren’t working for your cat. It makes a great alternative to cat melatonin. This is not a calming collar for cats 3 pack… why? Because our collar lasts 2x longer you won’t be wasting money on ineffective 1-month collars that are always falling off and breaking.