Primo Water Cooler Dispenser + Pet Station



  • Innovative removable dishwasher-safe pet bowl can be placed in front or either side of the dispenser. Water does not release unless bowl is in place
  • Premium stainless steel, chrome accents and spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard
  • Fast-flowing ice cold and piping hot water as well as water for pets
  • Kid friendly features such as the child-resistant hot water safety and LED night light
  • Now every member of your family can enjoy the delicious taste of Primo water with the new Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station. Primo brings its advance technology in water cooling and heating with an innovative design that delivers refreshing water to your cat or dog at the push of a button. A Recent study has shown that bulk water users drink 25% more water. With a Primo Water Dispenser, you, your cat and your dog can enjoy refreshing cold water at the push of a button.The Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station features the innovative flex design, allowing you to install the pet bowl on the front, right or left side of your water cooler, fitting virtually anywhere in your home while providing easy access for your cat or dog. The Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station offers the following features to make your life easier: a spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard that makes loading bottles easier, dishwasher-safe drip tray and pet bowl plus LED nightlight. Materials that come in contact with the water you drink are BPA-free certified, including the premium internal stainless-steel water reservoir, which also aids in the prevention of bacteria growth.

    This dispenser eliminates the need for changing filters or wasting valuable space in your refrigerator when you use with Primo’s great tasting purified water solutions. Simply plug in, load a 5-gallon bottle of water and begin to hydrate, no plumbing or installation required. Whether using Primo’s Exchange process, purchasing 3 or 5-gallon pre-filled purified water bottles, or Primo’s Refill process, where you can fill your bottle with Primo’s 4-step reverse osmosis filtration water, both are great options to hydrate your family and use with your new dispenser. In fact, we’ve included a coupon with your dispenser purchase for you to try both options at one of our thousands of retail locations in the U.S.

    Give your family and your pets nothing but the best with the Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station.