Pet Brush for Long Haired Dogs and Cats Grooming De Shedding Supplies - Small Pets



  • SELF CLEANING – Dread cleaning your dog’s and cat’s hair brush? With our clever self-cleaning cat brush, simply push the button, wipe, and your favorite dog accessories are fur-free.
  • TIME-SAVING – Whether you’re a puppy parent, kitty carer, groomer, or vet, this shedding brush for pets removes excess hair with very little time and effort.
  • VERSATILE – 5-inch and 3/4-inch de-shedding brushes are ideal for both long or short-haired fur babies – our cat and dog grooming brush removes mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your pet’s coat.
  • GENTLE – Gentle on your pet’s skin and coat, this dog brush for short-haired dogs and cats features soft, angled bristles for easy, effective, and painless de-shedding.
  • COMFORTABLE – Your dogs and cats will love this pet grooming brush. Designed to be efficient yet enjoyable, this time-saving slicker brush will have your pooch or kitty thanking you.