Car Door Protector, 3 Extra Pockets, Anti Scratch Waterproof, For Pets Fits Any Vehicle



  • TAKE YOUR DOG FOR A MESS-FREE RIDE: You will never have to worry about your dog making a mess ever again. The car door protector for pets will cover your car door and keep it clean and safe. The pet car door protector will protect your car from pet scratches and dirt. Take your dog for a ride with no worries! With this great car door guard.
  • ♡ WATERPROOF PET CAR DOOR GUARD: The pet car door cover protector is made of waterproof polyester fabric. The side door covers for a dog is resistant to water, mud, and drool, and it is easy to clean off dog hair. This dog car door protector for pets is very easy to clean. The waterproof material is stainless and machine washable. Keep it clean by using a wet cloth, or just put it in the washing machine.
  • ♡ EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: There are two easy ways to install the car door cover. You can use Velcro straps or plastic tabs. The pet car door protector for dogs will securely cover your door and stay in place. Four extra soft Velcro straps are included in this car door guard package so that you can cover the hard Velcro side when the product is not in use as a vehicle door protector.
  • ♡ SUITS ALL VEHICLES: The dog car door protector for pets fits all cars perfectly. You can install the car door cover in cars, trucks, and SUVs. This vehicle door protector has a stylish and convenient new design with three extra pockets so that you can comfortably store your things in your car while protecting your door from dog scratching.