Gecko Coco Hut Raw Coconut Shell Reptile Hide, Terrarium Habitat Décor with Fiber Loop for Hanging (3-Holes)



  • Perfect terrarium accessory for Crested Geckos — Reptile’s enclosure can be more fun with additional accessories. Crested Gecko Coco Hut provides more activities with its exciting features.  Its size fits your Crested Gecko impeccably with its total 5.1″ diameter and three-hole opening with a standard diameter of 2.4″ each. The full height varies as it is an unprocessed product, but your reptile can go in and out effortlessly and get himself busy all day.
  • Ideal hide-out and treats keeper — Aside from its fun and charming design, our coconut house also serves as a hideaway and a secure shelter for your geckos. 
  • Great for daily exercise — The raw material and texture of our Coco Hut encourage your gecko to climb up and go around it. It helps them get fit, entertained, busy, and active every day. There is no room for boredom when you place this in your pet’s enclosure.
  • Simple and easy to maintain product — Our Coco Hut is made of raw and unprocessed material. It is simple yet highly reliable. Aside from keeping your pet busy, it also doesn’t cause any adverse effects on your Crested Geckos. There is no special maintenance needed. Although it is sturdy, you should avoid hitting it on hardwood or metal that may cause it to break.
  • Hanging made easy — Comes with a built-in hanging loop; our Crested Gecko Coco Hut makes it easier to place inside your terrarium.