TSYMO Automatic Cat Feeder - 6 Meals Dog Food Dispenser with Anti-Clog Design, Timer Programmable, Voice Recording & Portion Control for Small & Medium Pets, 4 Liters



  • Anti-Clog Design:Advanced automatic reversal mechanism to completely solve the problem of food jams. A built-in infrared sensor prevents dispensing when the bowl is already full and alerts when food is low – make sure your cats never go hungry!
  • Custom Meals: Easily programmable timer allows you to personalize the feeding times and portion of each meal, with up to 6 meals a day and flexible 1 – 50 portions, you can schedule a specific times and amount of food to fit your pet’s needs.( TIPS: for dry food only, and food size between 0.15 inch and 0.45 inch in diameter;)
  • Easy to Clean & Use: Removable feeding bowl, storage container and lid can be rinsed with water, super easy to clean, and it supports dual power supply, the battery backup keeps your feeder working in case of a power outage.
  • Voice Recorder: It has a built-in voice recorder and speaker, so you can leave a personal voice message of up to 12 seconds, to call your kitty/doggy to her/his daily meal, offering comfort and consistency from afar.
  • Product description

    TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder’s thoughtful design can solve all your worries! Thank you for believing in us and choosing us!

    NEVER Worry About Your Fuzzy Buddy Being Hungry!
    Our pet feeder apply Unique Motor Inversion Technology, when the food doesn’t go smoothly, it will automatically reverse, adjust the rhythm of machine operation. This innovative design can prevent food from blocking!

    TOO MUCH or LOW Food Alarm!
    Our pet feeder will automatically stop when there is too much food in the blow, which will prevent the food from spilling, thanks to the advanced infrared detection technology. Meanwhile, when the food level is too low, the LED light will flash red to remind you to fill in more food.

    Never Worry About Power Cuts!
    Our pet feeder supports TWO power supply methods. Daily use of power adapter (come with the feeder), when power cuts, the machine is supplied by three D-type backup batteries (not included). Hidden switch design, not afraid of accidental shutdown by pets! Our thoughtful design, Free you from any unexpected worries!

    How to START the scientific feeding journey?
    Set Feeding Times:
    Can be set at any time of the day, up to 6 times, this means your pet can eat up to 6 meals a day! Eat less but have more meals, better for health!

    Set Portions Per Meal:
    Every meals have 1-50 portions control, have fixed quantities at fixed times, perfect for customizing your pet’s meal plan!

    Record Your Message:
    Record your voice in advance (up to 12s) and it will play at meal time to call your pets for meal, so she or he will not miss the meal when the food is ready.

    Little Tips:
    1.Only suitable for dry food.
    > 2.Food size between 0.15 inch and 0.45 inch in diameter.
    3.Don’t forget to install a backup battery for safety.