Uniclife Pet Water Fountain, Dog Cat Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl with LED Light / Filter



Cube LED

  • Free-falling Streams: Makes water fresher, cleaner and better tasting so that encourages your pets to drink more to stay healthy. Adjustable flow control to increase or decrease flow of water.
  • Blue LED Light: Pretty LED light in water area makes your pet easier to locate the water at night or in dark environment. NOTICE:Please be careful to keep the pump power button away from water when washing the bowl.Otherwise the LED may damage.
  • Safe and Durable: Made of high quality food-grade BPA free plastic. Nontoxic and odorless. Carbon Filter removes bad tastes and odors while foam filters catch hair and debris, keeps water fresh and appealing to pets.
  • Quiet Motor: 12V Low voltage power supply keeps your pet and yourself safe and sleep soundly at night.
  • Best for cats/ small or medium dogs. 60 ounces water capacity. Size: 9.75 x 7.61 x 4.29 inch.
  • Steps of Cleaning Water Pump
    1. Remove the pump cover
    2. Remove the impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip located
    3. Remove the impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm water